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Wednesday, 24 April 2019 / Published in Health, Pistachios

Pistachio is a small tree originating from Central Asia and Middle East that widely consumed as food. The pistachio tree is a member of cashew family that also has a unique taste. Pistachio seeds are eaten raw, salted or roasted and there are many usage areas including; in pistachio butter, in chocolate, in ice cream, in salads and vary desserts.

Pistachios are very popular food in China which is the top consumer of pistachios in the world and of course followed by U.S.A. as a second. Its a highly nutritious food source that contains rich in protein, vitamin b, dietary fiber and various other useful nutrients.

Monday, 22 April 2019 / Published in Health, Pistachios

Pistachio is one of the most loved nut all over the world and deserve this title because of its legendary taste. Pistachios are highly nutritious and delicious member of cashew family that also has a lot of usage area from salads to hot dishes and desserts.

Also, pistachios have developed a reputation as a healthy snack with plenty of nutritional benefits, rich in antioxidants and fiber. According to research suggests that pistachios may help the reduce heart disease, promote development of beneficial gut bacteria moreover, it is a useful tool against body fats that mean the nut may help to weight loss who ate daily reasonable amount of pistachios.


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